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Seniors End of Term Report

In Vino Veritas

Seniors End of Term Report



The Llanishen team never lacks for something to say and can always be relied upon to advise the referee when mistakes have arisen. This aspect has improved as the season has gone on and the mantle passed to the experts on the sideline.

In addition the variety of language has widened but still relies on short sentences, inclusive of imperative verbs and a range of vernacular. 

Listening skills

These are definitely improving as the number of captains on the pitch diminished as the season went on.

When forming in a 'circle' at half-time all show good attention to the ongoing instructions but too often the shape appears oval. An area to work on next season - you should all be equidistant from Harry or Ben.

Writing skills

Thankfully no writing has been assessed this year.



Yes, there has been plenty of this and as a result a defibrillator has been ordered for the valiant souls who watch the team playing



Again a lot of debate has taken place, usually in the back bar! The standard of discourse has improved and who would have thought the word 'buckyballs' would have an airing. No it's not an infection!



Ah who could resist the sharp notes and harmony demonstrated by the team this year. 'Gold' being a particular favourite, much to the annoyance of a booked band.

Complaints have been raised regarding the repertoire on offer and the choirmaster, Mac, has promised to include more traditional rugby songs next season. So hoist up the John B's sails and roll that silver dollar.


Physical Education

The fitness and skill levels improved as the season went on and the desire to win became increasingly obvious. The welded features were evident in the most thrilling 3-3 draw seen by this writer.


General Comments

This has been a good season. Llanishen have a young side, exceptions to the rule allowed, and have developed into a hard and skilful team. In these days when rugby participants are dwindling it does the club great credit that a lot of the players have come through the Mini and Junior Section.

New players have been warmly welcomed, port aside, and have proved great additions, joining in the socials and various soirees.

The post match fancy-dress has also allowed individuals to demonstrate their willingness to have a laugh. A tendency to wear female clothing does lead one to question our education system!

The coaches have had a good season, the fastest yellow card in the club's history and cut eyelid aside, and they must already be looking forward to next season.



A superb cup run during which the team beat two sides from the division above: Llantwit Fadre and Rhiwbina as well as knocking Tenby, the West 2 winners out.

Winning the Ninian Stuart Cup, beating St. Peters in the semi-final and Rhiwbina in the final.

Beating and drawing with Dinas Powis, the league winners.

The willingness to embrace the merits of a 'One Club' philosophy. demonstrated by the attendance at mini and junior matches and forming a 'Guard of Honour' for the Under 10s when they played Lemington Spa. The away supporters were astonished and complimented the club on the wonderful welcome and time they had.

The commitment of the back up team e.g. forking pitches, putting out posts and running the line. Photographic evidence exists showing even the Chairman with a pitchfork in his hand. Mind photos also exist of him trying to control his dog with minimal success.

Getting to know new people, parents and players alike, and seeing a real camaraderie developing between all elements within the club.

With a new pitch coming it is an exciting time for the club and it certainly appears they have the side to make great use of it.




We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and our physio girls)

As a club you have epitomised all that is good about the sport we love.

Achievement: B+

Effort: A


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