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Match Report
25 September 2017 / Team News

4706 M*A*S*H

Lions Mashed by Cambrian Welfare

No need to call the RSPCA however as the home side took a well deserved victory.
After arriving at base camp - otherwise known as the home ground - a view around the valley was very similar to the opening moments of that timeless classic, M*A*S*H. (no helicopters though - they can't fly this high up!)
Little did we know that this match was going to play out in a manner similar to the programme, with little humour until the bus journey home.
The kick off wasn't gathered and this led to a period of constant Cambrian pressure. Good defence and missed opposition penalties kept the scores level but after five minutes Alex Bourne suffered a dislocated shoulder.
It was then our very own 'Hot Lips Houlihan, El, had to make the first of many visits to the injured. The injury needed speedy treatment and Milo took the stricken player to hospital (Is that really Milo's vehicle?) 
After gas and air our fallen player made it back to our clubhouse for a beer!
A superb scrum, on our five metre line, kept Cambrian at bay but after twenty five minutes our line was breeched following a fine passage of forward and back play.
From the kick off the boys went on the attack and after counter-rucking won a penalty, which Alex kicked.
The lineout was functioning well, with Spearchucker Rees' radar constantly finding Trapper George and Noah, but the scrum was again under pressure (blast 'Newton's Laws').
A scrum 5 allowed the powerful Cambrian pack to move through the swamp and over for a converted try.
A good kick off chase resulted in a penalty to Llanishen which, unfortunately fell short of the posts. However, in the build up to the penalty being awarded, Gwion injured his ankle and had to be helped from the pitch.
A few minutes from half-time and a break down the wing saw the Cambrian back score under the posts.
Llanishen hit back and with the last kick of the first half converted a penalty.
Half Time - Cambrian Welfare 19 Llanishen 6
Would things turn around in the second half?
Well, as in the first half, there was no further scoring for the first twenty minutes. Indeed we were to witness the newest members of WWF namely the Swindlehurst Tag Team (as called by young Nyan) who counter-rucked superbly to gain a penalty.
So to the last twenty minutes and a series of substitutions by Cambrain gave them fresh impetus and with hawkeyed accuracy their backs cut through the tiring Lions defence with surgical precision. Four tries were scored and the home side will definitely be a tough side to beat ap at his altitude - truly the 'House of Pain'.
That reminds me - medical update: Mike Rose - partial dislocation of jaw and Tom Hannah injuring his right knee.
So my man (or woman - nod to Monty Python) of the match was El - she was constantly working.
Basically - Veni, vidi, differta 
Full Time - Cambrian Welfare 47 Llanishen 6
P.S. After a great high last Wednesday a great low but it is in losing that a side discovers what they are about. The score might not suggest it but I'd wager a few pounds the team will bounce back.
The team were down after the match but the rejuvenating power of alcohol and rib-taking soon took over and the bus journey home was an enjoyable affair.
Someone really should have done a 'Klinger' but there's too many in this side who like to dress up as a woman! Not sure but this reminds me of one of our backs!
I'm sure we all wish Gabby well when he undergoes heart surgery next Friday (Far more important than a game of rugby!)
Also there is no truth in the line - Suicide is Painless (Cue Music)
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